All-RIKEN Virtual Reality Workshop


Are you interested in using virtual reality (VR) for research and visualization? Do you have data in 3 (or more) dimensions that you want to explore?

Please join us for an introduction to VR, and how it can lead to data discovery and interdisciplinary collaboration!

We will be running two workshops in FY 2019, with support from the RIKEN Collaboration Seed Fund.


Many attempts to promote interdisciplinary research start with finding a project idea. We focus instead on building a shared toolkit/method, and letting science-related discussion occur organically. We are organizing two workshops in FY2019: in the first, researchers use an existing VR program to interact with our scientific data; in the second, we will offer hands-on guidance for transforming participants' own data into VR. These workshops will create a community of RIKEN scientists with a shared interest and goal: data visualization in VR. Future discussion via email or in person will build bridges between researchers in different fields, leading to additional opportunities for interdisciplinary projects.